Anglo Trick Decks

by Offason



The following Trick Decks are presently available:


  • This is probably the best Invisible Deck in the World. You cannot see or feel any rough&smooth treatment on the cards. Yet they stick together and separate just like they should.

    A spectator names a card from an Invisible (Imaginary) Deck and after a battery of funny gags and one liners he has turned the card face down in his face up non-existing deck. You bring out your deck and spread them out, one and only one card is turned face down: of course it is the same card as the spectator named. This is an Invisible Deck in Anglo Poker Edition09 design and size (white back with red design). Complete with instructions.


  • ESP Anglo Giant Deck with blue back. 25 plain ESP symbol cards.


  • Invisible Anglo Giant Deck, blue back with instructions


  • Anglo Giant Forcing Deck, 25 forcing cards + 25 indifferent cards, blue back, no instructions



The following card tricks and gag cards are presently available:


  • Parade of Kings, Anglo Giant
  • Homing Card, Anglo Giant
  • Mc Donalds Aces, Anglo Giant
  • 2 Card Monte, Anglo Giant
  • 52 on 1 Gag Card, Anglo Giant



  • Anglo Rainbow Deck - the same design on all backs, but in 52 different colours. When you spread the cards in new deck order it looks like a rainbow!


  • Anglo Poker Edition09 Gaff Deck - 55 gaffed cards, gag cards and utility fake cards.



The following decks are being launched later in 2011:


  • ESP Deck with white on black back design. 25 ordinary ESP cards with 5 of each: circle, cross, wave lines, square and star + 25 marked ESP Cards + 4 double facers.


  • Signature Transfer. Sixten Bemes's wonderful effect where your signature appears on the face of the spectators card and his/her signature appears on your card.







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